Making Yo-Yo’s for Pillows

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Making Yo-Yo’s

yo yos

Have you ever thought of making yo-yo’s for pillows? If you have been wondering what to do with small amounts of fabric, making yo-yo’s for pillows just might be your answer. Then again your project may call for the purchase some new fabric. Several of the advertisers, which are all on my web site, have some great selections to make your pillows and yo-yos.

The video below will show you how to use the yo-yo maker and the type of thread to use.

To purchase a yo-yo maker shown  in the video, select the second advertiser from the top on my web site and type in yo-yo maker. You will see three different sizes that are available for purchase.

Weight, Texture, and Pattern of Fabric

You have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from when it comes to weight, texture, design, and fabric colors. The fabric design can be fancy, fun, geometric, patterned, or a solid color depending on your pillow design.  You circles can all be one size or make them in several sizes depending on how you plan to place the yo-yo’s on your pillow. The possibilities are endless which makes creating the design you want so much fun.

Bright Pillow Designs

The bright colors of the two pillows below, the yo-yo sizes, and variety of fabric patters chosen to embellish them are great. They make me happy just looking at them.

yo yo pillows

Using Buttons on Yo-Yo’s

button yo yo

The flowers below have a large yo-yo and a circle of felt with a button on top. The button design and color you choose can make a big impact on how your yo-yo flowers look. How cute are these ideas?  See the first advertiser on my site for a HUGE selection of buttons, some of which are the shapes of flowers that would be so cute on the center of your yo-yo.

Patch-Work Quilt Pillow Designs

This patch-work pillow design has one big yellow yo-yo which makes it pop and subtly draws the eye to the fabric in the upper right corner with the yellow background.  The smaller yo-yo has used the pink and white pattern fabric used in the upper left corner which creates unity. The blue button has a swirl design just like the yo-yo’s. It also picks up the blue in the fabric design in the upper right and lower left corners. Too Cute!

yo yo button

Want a variety of patch work quilt yo-yo designs? The pillows below look great together. They all have a blue border and white background which makes for a terrific grouping. The placement of the yo-yo’s gives each pillow an individual look that is soft and pleasing. I love them!

patch yo yo

County Flavor Yo-Yo Pillow Designs

I love the fabric choices for the three pillows below and how they coordinate with one another. Pillows “A” and “C” have two different sizes of yo-yo’s and pillow “B” has only the large size. Each of the three pillows has a different color of button for the center of the flower. I can visualize these pillows on a bed, couch, patio swing, or in a window seat. I’m drooling over the window seat idea.

ABC yo yo pillows

Dramatic Yo-Yo Pillow Design

The idea below centers around the solid bright blue yo-yo’s done in a square design with all the other yo-yo’s in various patterns and colors. This idea gives another completely different look.

solid yo yo pillow

The solid red yo-yo’s and the combination of red and white yo-yo’s against the white background is really an eye catcher. I also love the rectangle shape and size of this pillow. It really makes a dramatic statement. Wouldn’t it look great on a white swing or on a denim couch?

red yo yo

You’re Yo-Yo Pillow Designs

So, with all of the unique pillows I have shown you, are you ready to make yo-yo’s for your pillows and come up with your own designs and color choices? You will have a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that will enhance your home and give you a great sense of accomplishment. I would love to hear about your ideas.











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